What is Sports Massage?
Sports massage is specifically designed to aid athletes in preparing for competition or to soothe the sore muscles that come from strenuous competition or practice. Deep compressive strokes are used to flush out the build up of toxins and relieve cramping and soreness.

Do I have to be undressed for the massage?
It is helpful if the client is undressed, providing better access to the skin and musculature being worked. As a client, your comfort is of utmost importance, and it is always your option to remain clothed to your level of comfort. You will always be covered by a sheet and blanket and only the parts being worked on are uncovered. Private areas remain draped at all times.

Is massage uncomfortable?
Most of the time massage feels relaxing and soothing or invigorating, with occasional sensations of tight muscles “hurting so good” as tension is released. A few exceptions, like trigger point therapy and some kinds of deep-tissue massage, can be very uncomfortable at times. The therapist will always monitor your comfort level and not work beyond what is tolerable for you. Be sure to communicate with the therapist so that your massage is a pleasant experience.

Why do you use stretching with massage?
Stretching is a highly effective way to loosen up tight muscles and joints. Stretching can be done actively (where the client assists) or passively (where the therapist does the work) to work out sore points or 'kinks' in shoulders, lower back or legs. Stretching is a normal part of Sports Massage and may be added to any massage to assist in relieving muscle tension.

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