"Restore" is Stephanie Letson's mission. Regularly, she restores for me not only muscle and skeletal comfort and use, but also mental calm and a sense of well-being. I value her keen professionalism and expertise, as well as her intuition and insight into what a client might not even know she needs. ...And Stephanie's head and neck
massages make one aware of nerve endings she doesn't even know she has--and be glad of it! One session of her neck and ear massage restored clear hearing for me that two weeks of meds and doctors appointments hadn't helped.

– Sue, Louisville, KY

Escape! Where do you go when your brake light won’t work, the roof leaks, and you’ve just swallowed a mouth of bad milk? For me, it’s massage therapy. Work-related stress sometimes feels like barbed-wire stretched across my forehead and tied around my chest. Escape is an appointment away. For most of my life, I’ve believed I wasn’t “worth” treating myself to a massage. However, as I’ve aged and been attacked by sinus problems, a degenerative disc condition, and just plain fatigue, I’ve learned that massage may have real health benefits. And what do you mean when you say, “You’re not worth it”? As Stephanie works to wipe stress away, you simply escape. Mentally, I go to a field in the center of LaRue County, Kentucky. A sink hole in the field swallows a burbling stream under green moss-covered logs. Since water disappears into that hole, I believe there’s a cave down there. For years, my grandfather called it “the cave field.” Someday when I’m really brave or stupid, I’ll dig down into the sink hole and discover... Until I do, I’ll practice escaping from flat tires, leaky roofs, spoiled food, and last minute-demands through Stephanie’s hands. You deserve to escape, too!

– Dee Hawkins